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Palliative Care Tasmania after BAPC

In 2012 PCT received funding from the Australian Government through the Better Access to Palliative Care in Tasmania Program in conjunction with the District Nurses and the Department of Health and Human Services

This funding was to deliver our Networking End of Life Care Across Tasmania Project.

The aimsof the project were to:

  • Increase community awareness and understanding of palliative care.
  • Increase community understanding of grief and loss.
  • Support community recognition that death is a natural part of life.

PCT worked closely with community groups to deliver this project and facilitated more than $750,000 in community projects  to more than fifty organisations across Tasmania.  We also provided information and education to more than 14, 000 Tasmanians. 

PCT exceded all of the targets set by the Australian Government for the project and we are continuing to lobby for funding into the future.


Planning your end of life care - as important as planning for your funeral